In 2005, Mistequay Group, Ltd. purchased the assets of Universal Engineering and DeVlieg Microbore®, including original inventory, manufacturing drawings, engineering records, gaging, fixturing, machinery, work in progress, historical records, product trade names (Kwik-Switch, Max-Float, Acura-Flex, Acura-Tap, Acura-Grip, Gear-Adjust, Twinbore, Tribore, Flash-Change) and patents including MOD-Flex™ (a modular system which is interchangeable with the Komet-ABS® system). Key personnel from Universal Engineering and DeVlieg have joined the Mistequay team and are available immediately to assist you with your tooling requirements.

Mistequay Group, Ltd. is a precision machining manufacturer, providing a wide variety of complex machining services; CNC turning, CNC milling, broaching, EDM, splining and a large complement of close tolerance grinding services including O.D., I.D., surface grinding, thread grinding and jig grinding. Specializing in highly “processed” parts requiring multiple machining and processing operations; headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, with additional manufacturing plants in Standish, Michigan, Fort Collins, Colorado and Cody, Wyoming. Mistequay is an ISO9001-2000, AS9100B and AS7114 certified company.

The DeVlieg Boring System, will now be marketed by us, as DeVlieg® Micro-Adjust™. The original DeVlieg boring system is an adjustable tool with proven micrometer vernier adjustment for precision boring, turning and facing operations; which was developed by Charles DeVlieg in 1943. We have set up a new partnership with Morris Tooling ( in the UK who purchased the assets of Gildemeister DeVlieg in 2003. Morris Tooling is providing the original DeVlieg Boring System marketed under the name Morrisbore. This partnership allows us to improve performance opportunities for the customer and strengthen our ability to deliver a quality product together with service at a competitive price.

Universal Engineering has been supplying toolholders, spindles and collet systems to the Machine Tool Industry since 1935. DeVlieg has been supplying Boring Bars, Boring Rings, Line Bars, Brazed Cartridges, Indexable Cartridges and Cross Feed Facing Heads to the Machine Tool Industry since 1943.

We are not affiliated in any way with the Microbore Tooling Systems Ltd. UK company. If you require the original DeVlieg boring system that has been marketed and manufactured in the United States since 1943, then our company is the one who can provide these products to you, as we have all the original drawings, manufacturing and engineering expertise.

We will be introducing our new catalog shortly, which will also be on our website. Our websites are, and Our websites are currently under construction and will be completed soon. We look forward to our continued relationship in providing our products to you. We sincerely appreciate your support and business.